Aldridge & Malone are two musicians that began writing and playing together years ago. Bar gigs have given them plenty of nicknames (“The Robs”) but they have decided to use their last names as the start of this new project together. After writing together for years they have accumulated a wide variety of songs about their lives, their friends, and various other people and experiences they have have met along the way. It is finally time to take the music from the bars and the living rooms of friends to the recording studio, where their music can be shared with a much broader audience.

Aldridge & Malone are actually Rob Aldridge and Rob Malone.

Rob Malone is a very experienced and admired musician from Muscle Shoals, AL. He is a staple in Americana music because of his musical style and roles in Muscle Shoals based bands the Fiddleworms and The Drive-by Truckers.

Rob Aldridge has been playing and writing for as long as he can remember. Originally from Huntsville, AL he moved to the Shoals after high school to pursue music. After ending a songwriting contract, he is ready to make a name for himself and his mark on music.